The Quality that Is Nationally Recognized

One of the Japanese foremost fiction writers of 20th-century, Osamu Dazai, was a fan of Kurume Kasuri. Simple yet sophisticated Kurume Kasuri is a cotton woven fabric born in Kurume (southern Fukuoka) and is famous for its blues. It is recognized as a nationally-designated important intangible cultural property in Japan.

Sophistication Only Hands Can Produce

There are over 30 procedures only can be done by human hands in the process of making one roll of tanmono. The traditional technical crafting without automation makes every piece original and attractive. It creates unique color gradation and smudges which become the pattern or design.

High Quality, High Performance and Sleek

A cotton woven fabric is highly durable and comfortable. It is breathable which keeps you cool during the summer, and it retains internal heat in the winter. The more you wash, the softer it gets and the more vibrant it becomes. Kurume Kasuri is designed to be worn for both formal and casual scenes.
Bringing Traditional Pieces to Modern Wear【Catalogue】