– Love for Japanese Craftsmanship –

Our craftsman ancestors have focused on users and crafted with all their heart. The quality of “Japanese craftsmanship” has been protected and handed down for hundreds of years. While some crafts are made only to be looked at as a decoration, our craftsmen have focused on practicality, dexterity and detail. As we have encountered various traditional workmanship including Kurume-Kasuri, we have felt that we must pass on the spirit to the next generation.
At Wa no Shiori, we propose a “new form of traditional techniques” that integrates into modern daily life and connects Japanese manufacturing to the future.

Wa no Shiori and Kurume-Kasuri

Kurume-Kasuri has been a very familiar material for Kaori Matsumura, the designer at Wa no Shiori, as she grew up in Kurume loving kimono since she was little. The material is remarkably comfortable and is washable at home. Despite its great features, Kurume-Kasuri is not widely known to this generation, and fashionable clothes using Kurume-Kasuri textile are very limited.
Wa no Shiori is established to spread and introduce Kurume-Kasuri clothing to the world with more stylish, sweet, and modern designs for all women, whether it’s for work or for dressing up.
Bringing Traditional Pieces to Modern Wear.

The Name Origin of Wa no Shiori

【わ】(WA) has a meaning of “circle” and “Japan(Japanese culture as a whole).”
The word, 【栞】(SHIORI), was derived from pieces of tree branches used to leave a trace in the woods. Our brand was established in hopes of creating a path to preserve Japanese tradition for the next generation.

Logo Design

◆Logo Design
The ring in the background portrays “輪(WA) = circle,” which includes a meaning of connection between people. An infinity symbol is hidden in the Kanji on the right to wish for the brand to continuously grow and to be loved eternally.

Wa no Shiori CEO Kaori Matsumura